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“Thank you!”

Success stories and testimonials from members who found love and romance on Blossoms Dating, a.k.a. Cherry Blossoms. has been bringing the world together, one couple at a time, since 1974.

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A great life and a wonderful marriage.

“I met Marife on Cherry Blossoms in March 2016. Three months later, we met on Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines, on June 1, 2016. We liked each other instantly, although she was concerned about my drinking. I returned a few months later so we could spend three months together traveling throughout Southeast Asia. By the end of the trip, I was sure I wanted to marry Marife. We married in Southern Leyte, Philippines, on the beach on June 1, 2017, precisely one year after we first laid eyes on each other. We have a great life and wonderful marriage living in Austin, Texas. Thank you, Cherry Blossoms, for providing a great dating platform. Next time we’re in Hawaii, we’d love to say aloha!” – Matthew.

The last love of my life.

“I have been praying for the last year since losing my Filipina wife of 10 years. God blessed me again. I have found the last love of my life. I want to thank all the Filipinas that was kind enough to talk to me. I wish you all good luck in your search. I am taken now.” – Doug.

Our dream came true.

“I want to say thank you to Cherry Blossoms Dating. Finally, Matthew & I got married on the 13th of October 2018. We are both thrilled that our dream came true. To live for, care for, and love each other forever. God gave me you, Matthew!” – Cristina.

Off the market.

“Thanks to all the chatters, but no more smiles or emails, please. I have found the love of my life, Kirsteen. Thanks to the grace of God. I want to thank Cherry Blossoms for this great website. It started here with a friendship that led to us being married. Follow your dreams, and it will happen. I love you, baby.” – John

Love of my life.

“I am currently married to a beautiful Filipino woman. Thank you, Cherry Blossoms, for helping me find the love of my life. We have been married for a year. We got married in April 2018. I can’t wait until my wife can finally join me here. Elvie, I love you very much.” – Tony.

The PinAm Fam.

“Cherry Blossoms works! We have been married for eight years now and have a four-year-old son. Life is good!” – Gaven.

Meant to be.

“I met my beautiful wife here on Cherry Blossoms Dating. It was meant to be. Amabelle and I have been together now since 2011, and now it is 2020. For success, be honest, no lies, speak from your heart and be wise! Watch for scams, and try your best to go to wherever she may live and meet her in person. Do not fool yourself by creating fantasy and trying to live it… just be real, and let God help your search for love.
Thank you so much, CB Mike and Cherry Blossoms, for connecting me with my true soulmate and the love of my life. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Cherry Blossoms here in Cebu, the Philippines, where we live. Great meeting you, CB Mike! God bless you all and good luck with love.” – Bill.

Always only dreamed of having.

“I found my wife on your site. We were married on January 22, 2013, in the Philippines. She is the kind of wife I have always only dreamed of having. Thank you, Cherry Blossoms.” – Keith.

Stop wasting other people’s time.

“I highly recommend Cherry Blossoms. It is a Better Business Bureau-approved website, and I also went through RapidVisa com. I didn’t even know lawyers, they did all the paperwork, and I just filled in the blanks on the internet and push send.

We expected to have 150 people at our wedding. It was over 350. Gentleman, keep in mind that you are responsible for paying all bills and expenses for your future wife. If you can’t do that, then stop scamming these people and get off the website.

In reality, with the plane tickets, coming and going and bringing her here and hotel rooms and stuff like that, you want to have at least $12,000, so if you’re not willing to pay that kind of money for your woman, your future wife, your future family, then stop wasting other people’s time.

I highly highly recommend |, and I do see several of my friends around here. Good luck to you. I wish you all the best.” – Gary.

Very happy!

“I have recently reactivated my account with you to inform you of how happy you have made me. I met Reza from the Philippines on your website, and we are approaching our 4th wedding anniversary. Reza has been in the UK for two years and has just been granted indefinite leave to remain. We are delighted, and I cannot thank you enough for your help. I have attached some pictures from our wedding. Thanks again, Cherry Blossoms.” – John.

Found a lovely gentleman.

“I have found a lovely gentleman on this site, and I am not looking for anyone else. I want to tell you that I want to say to thank you, Cherry Blossoms! I wish everyone good fortune in finding their other half on this site. Kind regards.” – Wen

Just got married!

“We want to thank the founder of this site for their excellent work. We just got married. Thank you, Cherry Blossoms!” – Aaron and Diana.

We made it!

“Hi! We’re both members from Blossoms, and here we are now, sharing pictures from our wedding. This is to inspire everybody who is a member of CB. If we can make it, you guys can make it too! Thanks, big-time Cherry Blossoms Dating, for such a big help. Keep searching everyone, and don’t give up.” – Walt and Shera.

Closed the distance.

“We met through your website in 2011 and got married in 2013. And we wanted to share the happiest news of our lives. After 13 months of a long spouse visa process, my visa got approved, and we have now closed the distance. Thank you so much for everything, Cherry Blossoms.” – Neha.

Thank you!

“My husband and I met on, and we were married here in the Philippines. We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing us together with your service. We wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for the love of their life.” – Janice.

Great true love.

“Thanks, Cherry Blossoms! Because of your website, I found my great true love, and we are happily married now. This site is perfect for those who are searching for their lifetime partner. Good luck, single ladies! Have faith!” – Alvie

Luckiest girl in the world.

“I am no longer looking or searching. I already found my soul mate, the man of my dreams, my best friend, and my husband. I am proud to say that I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. Thank you, God. Thank you, Cherry Blossoms. It was worth the wait. Good luck all!” – Den

Marriage license in the mail.

“Mariel and I have finally gotten married, and we just received our marriage license in the mail.” – Mark.

Happily married.

“I’m happily married. I found the right one now, who I want to grow old with. I’m so happy and thankful every day to have my baby Todd in my life. Thanks, baby, for making my life so very happy and complete. I love you with all my heart. THANKS, CHERRY BLOSSOMS!” – Ishii.

My sugar babe.

“Hello to all. I am married to my sugar babe. I wish all searchers the best of luck. With God’s help, you will all find someone as lovely as the one I have found. I love my Phebe.” – Karl.


“To those who are still searching for real love, be patient, be honest, continue to pray, and trust God, for nothing is impossible with Him. God bless you all! SALAMAT! ” – Eunice.

First anniversary.

“Thanks for everything Cherry Blossoms. We already passed our first anniversary. There are many beautiful people there in the Philippines and quite a few nice guys here. I hope seeing us together gives some of the nice guys an incentive to try.” – Daniel.

My Filipina Princess.

“Thank you, Cherry Blossoms, for my beautiful Filipina Princess, Sarah. She is my everything and more. I love her with all my heart. Thank you, babe, for everything. Never give up on your dreams because sometimes they do come true. Thanks to my Princess, I learned the true meaning of love and fell in love with the Philippines.” – Donnie.

Love of my life.

“Thank you so much, Cherry Blossoms. It worked for me. So thankful I got the love of my life.” – Alina.


“Thanks to everyone interested in me. I’m married and have two cute baby twins now. I hope everyone can find the special one they want!” – Niu.

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